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Masterclass defines a cozy mystery book or series as one that “embodies the key components of classic mystery-suspense, misdirection, intrigue, and some degree of criminality-while eliminating the graphic violence and profanity often seen in pulpier mysteries.” Once you pick up these page turners, you can’t put them down.

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Crime blogger, Sheila Sammartino, witnesses a murder, but the police disagree. Sheila knows better, and to prove it she will solve this herself, not just write about it.

The small town of Harmony’s number one Internet sensation is crime reporter turned blogger, Sheila Sammartino. Inquisitive, self-conscious and often clumsy in an oddly endearing way, everything is going great for Sheila until she stumbles into a murder mystery, and not as a reporter!

She witnesses a newcomer to the neighborhood, Arthur Jones, murdered in the alley next to Harry’s Bagel Shop. The police are quick to call it a mugging gone wrong, but Sheila saw what she saw. With the help of her outspoken former college roommate and her classically handsome new next-door neighbor, this trio take it upon themselves to get all the answers the police refuse to look for. Who was Arthur Jones after all? And who would want to kill him?

Author Spotlight

Everyone’s journey is unique—Here’s Tony Garritano’s
Tony Garritano

Tony Garritano

Tony was raised by a single mom that made him who he is today. Now he lives in a small town in Connecticut with his best friend/wife, two sons, mother-in-law, two cats and two dogs. As a child, he grew up dreaming of being a mystery writer. Today that dream is a reality.

Here's What Reviewers Are Saying ...

"Not everything is in harmony in the charming town of Harmony. Former crime reporter Sheila Sammaritino loves asking questions and getting the details of every story. When she witnesses a murder, she becomes part of an uncomfortable story about finding justice and restoring harmony to Harmony. A fast-paced mystery with humor and heart, a great first novel by Tony Garritano."
Mary E. Koppel, popular author of the Denise Reed Mystery Series
“A playfully cynical, breezy treatment of murder, intrigue and collaboration by friends to overcome police indifference. A “page turner” written in a consistent and comfortably enjoyable style.”
P.J. Cuccolo, author of LIMULUS and The Shirt Wearer
"Sheila’s can-do attitude and amateur sleuth antics made for an entertaining read.... I recommend this book to readers who enjoy over-the-top humor and whodunits with a solid plot.... With a proposed sequel to follow, now is a great time to jump into the Harmony Neighborhood Cozy Mystery series."
Online Book Club

Here's What Amazon Readers Are Saying ...

"This was a fantastic suspense thriller that I hadn't read in a long time. The plot and all of the characters were intriguing enough to keep me turning the pages in a single sitting. A fantastic narrative with many unexpected turns and twists. I must say that I thoroughly loved reading this book and eagerly await the next episode in the series."
"I really enjoyed this one! A well-written story that has the protagonist taking matters into their own hands… definitely recommended for any mystery and crime fan and enthusiasts."
"A humorous mystery with an intriguing story. It’s one of those ones you don’t want to put down."
"I Saw What I Saw is the perfect mystery novel to sit by the fire with.... That's what I did! Just the right length, with great characters and a bit of well-timed humor, this murder mystery is just plain fun! Five stars; waiting for Book 2!"
"I Saw What I Saw by Tony Garritano is a comical and romantic novel. Playful, entertaining, fast-paced, and engaging."

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Watch for Book 2 of the Harmony Neighborhood Series
“A Twisted Engagement” by Tony Garritano

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